(Italiano) Catania Grand Tour 1776 sulle orme di “Jean Houel”

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(Italiano) “Agata” donna cristiana e martire itinerario fuori dal mito e dentro la storia

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Catania City Lava : large lava flows between urban genesis history and newsCatania City Lava : large lava flows between urban genesis history and news

Etna and Catania are inseparable, the history of the crater is closely related to that of the city and country to its slopes.

This route is as visiting / story of Catania and Etna in a unique, taking value in the eyes of the traveler, the powerful evocation and strong involvement in the history and events that over the centuries have marked the history and tied geolgica Etna and development Catania, but as different faces of the same coin.

The result is an original itinerary that will tell the two faces of the coin Etna / Catania made a varied and composite, alternating between natural sites, monumental sites, known and unknown, places of worship, or linked to chronicles and episodes between history and myth legend, helping the viewer to understand more than the single, the “genius loci” the complex identity of the binomial Catania-Etna.

From ” Castrum ” to Urbe and then City: the story of a Katana ( greek word ) – Catania that over hundreds of centuries , the lava and the lava was nourished , formed , modified , adapted and modeled . A historical- urban that aims to tell the effect of lava flows on the city and its surroundings , to discover some of the reflections that have had on its architecture and its urban development .

242 BC , 669 BC , 1169, 1381 , 1669 here is some of the dates around which are intertwined history of Etna and its lava flows and the history of Catania . Encounters that have left footprints on the City still clearly visible on its conformation and its own urban development … .impronte in some cases decisive .

Testimonials millennial a troubled relationship , lived in a constant and altilenante contrast made of destruction and reconstruction patient . Narratives that tell the story of a city that for centuries has lived in the shadow of this ” giant ” of nature , good and fruitful but terrible at the same time . City and ” Giant” , united in a powerful combination and inseparable .

The proposed route , which crosses the historical and geological interest , should be eaten in the crevices of the lava flows on which Catania was shaped and regenerated over the centuries . Includes visiting caves under the houses , churches and palaces , visit cathedrals and castles and the banks shaped by lava flows over the centuries have alternated sull’urbe even modifying coastal profile .

The accompaniment and the narratives proposed in this itinerary are an original interpretation of the “body ” of Catania and its surroundings , moving between the folds of the city and its history by visiting some of the most representative sites of scenic value , historical and monumental center of the urban area of Catania .

The route will also be the occasion of narrative and commentary of the effects of lava flows on the soul of the city , moving between historical chronicle and circumstances , between faith and myth of its inhabitants .

Locations and sites visited: catania outskirts, Catania historical center, village of aci castle, village acitrezza, mascalucia, nicolosi (some sites are visited exclusively) among several sites provided also include: Ursino Castle, the Benedictine monastery, cathedral, village ognina, aci castle, monastery St. nicolò, craters Monti Rossi pit Gammazita, walls carlo V °, san gaetano cave, cave lost, door Uzeda Arab tower, fortress of touch, directed trazzera santa maria scale, spas Achilliane, amphitheater Roman.

Articulation of the route: The itinerary can be enjoyed in the version of 1 gg “Itinerary Base” or more articulated stages in the version of 2 days “Complete Itinerary”, interested parties may, as needed, take the program in detail.

Complete Visit: This itinerary can be enriched with gg gg 1 or 2 Etna with the following routes:

Etna Park craters and lava “of the fixture Citelli”

The Bosco Centorbi and the path of nevaroli

The Neviere Etna route in two stages on the slopes of Etna


Reservations at least 24 hours.

active all year

Duration: full day

Difficulty: easy – urban trekking

Clothing: comfortable , backpack , tennis shoes or soft trekk , flashlight , water bottle / bottle , cap.


Richiedi info / Prenota on line  Richiedi info / Prenota on line

(Italiano) Mura e bastioni nella Catania medievale

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Catania: Castles and parks – acicastello norman castle and park of the aci “timpa”

GENERAL INFORMATION: To receive the program in detail and specific content, “Request Info” or contact the Center.

Excursion for a day or half a day, commented and illustrated

itinerary dedicated to the castle of Aci and Reserve “Timpa” acireale

Journey by land and by sea (optional)

Journey to discover the castle of Aci built on basalt cliff and with origins dating back to the seventh century AD its history and morphology that history itself is bound. Then we will move to visit the nature reserve timpa Vsita which will be carried by sea (boat) with a visit to the archipelago of Cyclops, and land in a way that develops in the area of natural discovering the biodiversity present.

Most relevant points: ragusa Baroque ragusa Ibla, baroque monuments, prehistoric museum, modest deaf, ancient chocolate of Modica, local food and wine, Castle woman dispelled,


province: catania

active throughout the year

open daily: YES

departure from Catania

Minimum participants: 2

individual counseling: YES

Duration: full day

Difficulty: easy for all adults and children

Clothing: Comfortable shoes or tennis

Pick-up service on request