Enna: Castles and parks – enna castle of lombardy and the nature reserve of agira

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One day itinerary, guided and commented.

A journey that alternates between history and nature combine historical discovery and adventure nature, then we will move from Enna, the highest chief town of Italy, and Agira medieval village just around the corner.

The Norman castle is considered by many experts to be the largest and oldest castle in Sicily, with its 26,000 m² is one of the largest medieval castles in Italy, together with the castle of Lucera.

The Castello di Lombardia owes its name to a garrison of Lombard soldiers posted in defense of the fortress during the Norman rule of Sicily to ‘internal visit the Piazzale della Maddalena, The Piazzale degli Armed, The Square of St. Nicholas and the tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is imposed between the six survivors of the 20 towers of the Citadel Swabian as the highest, beautiful and best conservata.al end of the visit we will move to reach the castle will act to start an interesting hike in the Natural Reserve “Vallone Plan of the Court. “

The reserve extends over a valley that belongs to the central Erei. The protected area closes the most upstream of a tributary of a tributary of the Dittaino and therefore Simeto. The flow of water, a strongly torrential, creates a series of ravines where water stagnates creating microenvironments of extraordinary beauty.

From the botanical point of view the main emergencies are represented by forest vegetation and hydric herbaceous amphibious from the bottom of the valley. Along the bed of the stream, there are populations of herbaceous species hygrophilous or amphibious, along with riparian woodland, make the Valley an environment of great natural beauty.

Most relevant points: enna, will act, archeology, history, nature, botany, zoology, local custom.


province: enna

active throughout the year

atttivo daily: YES

departure from Catania

Minimum participants: 2

individual counseling: YES

Duration: full day

Difficulty: easy for all

travel time

clothing: shoes hiking, tennis, rain jacket, hat,

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