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Centro Turismo Ambientale Sicilia – CTA Sicilia operates throughout Sicily with the support of its associates available for each region, all the year. Availing themselves on a multidisciplinary team, CTA Sicilia evaluates, plans and promotes educational and cultural itineraries, establishing routes with new values and contents that can highlight the prosperity of the island. The association has moved from the conventionalized locations, to exalt the incredible naturalistic, historical and archeological heritage present throughout the territory.

For Centro Turismo Ambientale Sicilia’s users is it possible to take part to the archeological, naturalistic, historical valuable sites both visiting but also listening to the history and the contents revealed during the activities by a multidisciplinary team of expertise. The team and the volunteers come from the university dimension and from tourist institutions; is it also possible that enthusiasts of a particular subject regarding the association, might collaborate to the itineraries giving their contribution too.

Francesco Schillaci is the president and founder of Centro Turismo Ambientale Sicilia – CTA Sicilia. With a degree in economics, marketing and management expertise, he has worked in charge for sales and marketing with national and international institutions. Since 1998 he has been businessman, founder of societies for public services and consultant for the third sector; he has also cooperated with Confindustria Roma for education and qualifications post degree.

Mr. Schillaci has also developed a new formula of environmental tourism called: Integrated Environmental Tourism in order to improve a more sustainable use of the territory, maintaining its identity and peculiarities.

Mr. Schillaci has also always been an active man and since 1982 he had practiced extreme sports in Italy and Europe such as kayak, trekking , speleology, scuba diving and rafting. His passion for nature made him decide to put it together with his love for culture and medieval history. He is also a medieval history enthusiast and he has followed this passion with a course at the theological faculty of Catania.

Since 2008 has been working in the environmental tourism sector: he has collaborate with the FIE – ITALIAN FEDERATION OF TREKKING and he is one of the founding member of the FIE SICILIA, as regional secretary.

Mr. Francesco Schillaci has also worked for the University of Catania – Department of Scienze della Formazione with orientation activity and workshops about the environmental tourism. He has also conducted brief seminars about sustainable and environmental tourism.

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