Etna tour: Pearls in the Rock – a ring walk from Nicolosi ZafferanaEtna tour: Pearls in the Rock – a ring walk from Nicolosi Zafferana

Etna Tour excursion through nature history and culture
The circular route starts and ends from the historic heart of the city, Piazza Duomo with its Norman period cathedral built over the ancient Roman baths. The path you proceed through the many small towns and villages “Etna” dug and built on ancient lavas of Etna gained a lava craters and telling the history of the Etna in a mix of nature, history and culture.

The route via Nicolosi reaches the altitude of 2000 meters above sea level at the historic refuge in alpine style called “Rifugio Sapienza” gateway to the crater, and returns to the starting point via Zafferana thus allowing a full view of the small villages and towns that Etna from Catania inhabit the slopes of Etna.

Along the route, the history of the centuries-old relationship between Etna, Catania lava, its countries and the most typical products, is symbolically told with the visit of four unique destinations:

The lady buried in the rock
an entire church sanctuary engulfed by an enormous lava flow in 1669, the statue of the Madonna contained in it, miraculously found intact 50 years later, buried under 12 meters of molten lava. The visit in the lava soil shows the colonnade and the church altar found buried but intact.

The Hornitos – Visit “inside” a volcanic cone
After a short and easy hike between lava flows, you will enter into a volcanic cone and experience the thrill of seeing “from within” like a volcanic cone is formed with all its special lava formations and eruptive phases they have generated it.

The Great Tunnel of lava flow
an extraordinary and huge lava from sliding gallery along with helmet and light, which leads us to discover one of the marvels of nature, formed by the flow of lava, an intense experience and one not to be missed to understand the Etna and operation its lava flows, walking in a casting.

“The Twins” volcanic
easy, and breathtaking path that allows you to walk on the edge of two craters and lava on the extraordinary colors that assumes molten lava at the surface, as well as the spectacular view from the craters allow a view of the Ionian coast of Catania

The Honey Oil and Wine village of Zafferana, Produced art and Tastings:
between peak production of Etna villages zafferana and famous for the production of honey
a visit to a local production workshop allows you to see and taste this typical local specialties. He ends visit a visit to a laboratory of artistic working of lava stone.

General Info
Tour Bus share in EUR 30.00
Groups min 20 pax
Departure: Piazza Duomo
Medium: Panoramic Tour Bus
Days: Mart – Thurs – Sun (for groups on request mini)

Tour fee of € 48,00 based Individual pax
Departure: Pick-up (to ask)
Means: SUV – Cars
Days: Weekly (Reservation)

Duration: 5 hours (approx)
Timetable: 11.00 – return at 17.00
The visits will be guided and commented, include helmet and lights to visit to the cave
Languages: English, Italian
Reservations: 3407258473 Mobile and Whatsapp