About Environmental Tourism

From the beginning the aim of the association Centro Turismo Ambientale Sicilia has always been to create and strengthen a new perspective of Environmental Tourism.

Environmental tourism is defined by the World Tourism Organization – UNWTO as a form of tourism linked to the different aspects of the nature.

Following this new approach, CTA Sicilia has elaborated a new formula for the tourist promotion of a territory: the “Integrated Environmental Tourism”. In this frame merge and cohabit different types of tourism such as the sustainable, the responsible, the naturalistic and the cultural one.

The results:

The result that the association has achieved with this new structure is to reach in just one single activity of visiting, different aims: a more original interpretation of the territory, the diffusion of the basic principles of the environmental education and the sustainable use of the local resources respecting their identity and context.
With the Integrated Environmental Tourism the advantages are that the user can live a captivating and enhanced experience that includes an itinerary about nature, culture and history and at the same time he can be able to understand the territory he is living in and the environment as a complex of elements.

In order to intensify the experience for the user, the communicative part is done using a simple language and the technique of the evocative narrating, in this way people will live an emotional involvement regardless the age or the personal background.

The I.E. tourism supports and spread a formula that underlines sustainable and ethical procedures about the territory; in this way the association wants to sensitize a responsible tourism and encouraging a visiting of the area that minimizes the environmental pollution.

This formula takes into consideration the originality regarding the choice of unconventional locations and of the artefacts chosen. The modalities for the territory exploration that CTA Sicilia and its Integrated Environmental Tourism model have adopted are defined at “zero impact”, in this way the users will live a captivating and emotional experience during the tour.

For a light and relaxed participation to the discovery of the locations, CTA Sicilia has coined two concepts:

“T.U.A. Trekking” – Trekking Urbano Ambientale (Urban Environmental Trekking)

-“S.T.A. Trekking”   Soft Trekking Ambientale (Soft Environmental Trekking)

These are the two formulas with wich CTA Sicilia has re-elaborated the content about the traditional trekking, mixing it with the subjects and aims of the association and of the I.E. tourism

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