Catania Vertical: environmental historical itinerary

The route in Catania historic center takes place in 3 dimensions, a path from the bottom up “vertically” shows the face of Catania from different angles, underground extraction of surface and air transport.

Catania a city so intimately tied to Etna with its lava flows, shown with an itinerary that tell the transformations suffered over the centuries from the point of “urban”, environmental and historical.
Particular attention will be given to Catania “Spanish” that from above is shown in all its splendor in palaces and courtyards.

Easy scenic route took place smoothly on foot.
Designed to be articulated in a half day or full day (the difference varies the amount and variety of the sites included in the visit).

Active all year
duration: 3.30 hours
suitable clothing, suitable footwear

With the link “Book or Request info” you can request a personalized quote or to book the most suitable proposal to hike to your expectations, as an individual, school / student or group, compatibilemente with sustainability rules of CTA Sicily and the surrounding area.

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