Ct: Etna Park: The Neviere Etna route in two stages on the slopes of the volcano

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distances from: Catania h. 0, 40 h Messina. 1.38 2.45 Palermo Syracuse h.1,30

The route is an original approach to visit Etna according to a fee of less conventional tour that combines naturalistic and geological history and traditions with less known.

The history and context:

The Neviere and Nivaroli, have a long tradition that comes to us, long before the advent of Christ. This itinerary will observe the neviere that have a history attested between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century.

In Sicily the collection storage and the use of snow was “coded” at various levels, in a chain that started from “nivarolo” the one who collected and preserved “worked” the snow, and the “neviere” places existing in nature or modified or purpose-built, and used for the storage of the snow, for practical purposes is linked to conservations of food or for medical use, in many cases for pure pleasure and delight the palate for those classes particularly well-off, to afford such “luxuries” especially when the summer heat, do not give you a choice to the ladies and the nobility of the time.

This route will tell of this “art”, will visit with torch and helmet, some of the “neviere” most significant present right around Etna.

A route between the nature of our Volcano and the history of traditions, resources and sites, heritage of our culture and our environment.

The natural environment and places:

The place is Mount Etna and the Etna Park, in fact, we will move to its slopes in a route that carries the seeds circumnavigation of Vulcano, allowing us to observe it from two angles virtually opposite, crossing many of the typical Etna villages that arise on its slopes , rich in history and tradition, to reach the two starting points of their tours, and Bronte Sant’Alfio in the province of Catania.

The first leg of our tour starts from the refuge Citelli refuge located at the north-west slopes of Mount Etna in the ancient caldera of a crater sojourner Mount Concazze in the municipality of Saint Alfio, we will move in wooded setting for the rich flora and fascinating from volcanology and geological point of view with the vision of spectacular bottoniera lava craters of Mount Sartorius here we will observe the first of neviere mentioned, a long underground walkway result of a gallery of lava flow with different interventions that have adapted the purpose, not even omit to recount legends and myths that circulate on this site. The second stage will take us into the town of Bronte in the woods of Centorbi in a scenario characterized by numerous craters that rise along the way such as Monte Minardo (1,304 m), Monte Ruvolo (1,410 m), Monti Three Friars (1,384 m, 1,376 m), Monti Loquat (1,633 m, 1,725 m), which are also generally covered by forest. Here we will visit the second neviera, very different from the first also for the remarkable architectural interventions carried out, turning it into a work of rare and unique in its kind.

Both routes are easily passable without difficulty and pleasant, located at an altitude between 1300 and 1700 m above sea level, allowing you to enjoy a rich and varied, you walk easily immersed in environments with Vast forest patches that allow expanding the look in the first stage towards Taormina and Reggio Calabria and in the second to the mountain ranges of the Madonie and Nebrodi.

Is the very wide variety of flora, evergreen oak forest with dominance of holm oak (Quercus ilex) accompanied by hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), wild pear (Pyrus spp.), Rose hips and terebinth (Pistacia terebinthus) and Etna broom Genista aetnensis, beech, pine and birch.

Stops: can be carried out in the shelter, with the classic lunch box, or you can foresee the possibility of two pleasant stops for tastings and dishes typical in the vicinity of the routes.


active all year

Duration: 2 days full day

difficulty: easy for everyone

Clothing: by season, trekking shoes, beretto, waterproof vest, cappiccio, flashlight.

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